PDJ.FM (PROMORADIO) — Internet radio, created on the basis PROMODJ in 2006.
Many channels broadcast the best electronic music from the famous DJ, experienced selectors and talented musicians, registered on PROMODJ.
Any material can fall into the air when pass moderation: just post it on PROMODJ ;)
Tens of thousands of listeners, progressive audience, the space distribution.
By the way, PROMODJ need moderators of radio.

TOP 100

The Best Of The Best!
TOP 100 — the sound of PROMODJ!

The best tracks, mixes and remixes from the top-rated DJs of various styles.

TOP100 is known for its stylistic diversity, being the territory of musical freedom and boundless creativity as well. If you’re an open-minded person with good taste in music, you should definitely tune to the TOP100. You’re gonna like it!
Ambient, Breaks, Chillout, Deep House, Dubstep, Electro House, Hip-hop/Rap, House, Drum & Bass, Minimal Techno, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Techno, Tech House, Trance, Uplifting Trance, Electro Progressive, Club House, Nu Disco, Dutch House, Instrumental, Big Room House, Melbourne Bounce, Organic House

Channel 5

The most popular of mainstream club music
Channel 5 is the frequency for your good mood and positive attitude. 
The best hits and latest records of EDM found their place in the mixes of your favorite DJs. 

Here you can find the hottest tracks of the current Russian and global charts. Channel 5 broadcasts the best radio shows with popular DJs, so keeping up with the times has never been easier.

Channel 5 — vibrant music for modern people.
Disco House, Electro House, House, Progressive House, Vocal House, Funky House, Electro Progressive, Club House, French House, Latin House, Fidget House, Dutch House, Big Room House, Future House, Tropical House, Bass House, Organic House, Slap House


Face Control. VIP only ;)
The powerful sound comes straight from the biggest dance festivals. Broadcasting Big Room and its three pillars — fidget house, dutch house, and electro.

On Klubb you can enjoy the hottest dance hits by the best global DJs mixed by Russian DJs, who represent the Russian music scene on the international level.
Electro House, Fidget House, Dutch House, Big Room House, G-House, Twerk, Future House, Melbourne Bounce, Bass House, Slap House


Everything goes better with dubstep ;)
Once upon a time, in the darkness of London basements a new style was born. Later, thanks to XLR8R, this style got a well-known today name – dubstep.

Dubstep lived through a number of changes. It became mainstream, evolved into energetic brostep and then went underground again. Despite the Burial’s face being disclosed, the magic of muffled bass and ghostly echoes still has the power over the listeners, making them pull the hoods over, close the eyes and dip into their own inner world.
Dubstep, Future Bass, Melbourne Bounce, Leftfield Bass


Unearthly beautiful tunes, space dreams and pleasant summer bliss. The Nu channel is going to accompany you to the brightest moments of your life. Even the title hints at some kind of a new interpretation of familiar styles. Dance Nu Disco combining the musicality of retro-hits and hammered rhythm of modern House or mysterious Nu Jazz reunited with electronics, you choose.

Nu can surprise those, who like precise classifications: broadcasting the best tracks of cute but forgotten Italo Disco and mixes of Indie Dance that is certainly going to become mainstream instead of Big Room and Brostep.

Nu Jazz, Italo Disco, Nu Disco, Indie Dance, Tropical House

Too Nu

N....U.... too
One more channel for Nu Disco and Indie Dance fans. Nu-music is never too much


Too Nu broadens the borders of its universe with two extra styles of Italo Disco and Disco House, reminding the listeners of their youth back to the early 00s. French Touch, American Groove House, vibrant Soulful and even the UK funky genres. 24 hours for Disco House isn’t enough.
Disco House, Italo Disco, Nu Disco, Indie Dance, Tropical House


Hip-Hop don`t stop!
«Rap Is What We Do, Hip-Hop Is How We Live» — sang KRS One. «Yo Is What We Listen» — add we after years.

DJs from the Yo channel have done a great job. Here you’ll find a great variety of hip-hop styles, from almost forgotten genres such as Freestyle or G-Funk to actual Crunk or Live Looping. From radio R&B songs to the uncompromising strings of explicit lyrics bursts in the Hardcore Rap or Horrorcore styles.

On Yo everyone can discover someone worthy of respect.
Hip-hop/Rap, R&B, Crunk, Turntablism, Alternative Rap, British Rap, Comedy Rap, Dirty Rap, Diss, East Coast Rap, Gangsta Rap, Hardcore rap, Horrorcore, Jazz-Rap, Old School Rap, Pop Rap, Southern Rap, West Coast Rap, Beatboxing, Twerk, Future Bass

Full Moon

Trance always. Trance everywhere. Trance 24/7
Full Moon — frequency for nightlife people.

Astrologers say that full moon is the time when stocking up of energy stops and our organism begins burning it very energetically. The explosive energy of the best modern trance hits strikes you from the first seconds with a powerful wave, whereas airy Uplifting, Vocal and Melodic of trance gently hugs you and takes you away from the troubles.

Every romantic and dreamer ought to be satisfied: only the best Russian and global trance DJs with exclusive radio shows and premieres of the latest tracks for 24 hours a day.
Full Moon is entirely devoted to the wide diversity of your favorite style, to His Majesty Trance.
Progressive Trance, Trance, Uplifting Trance, Trancestep, Euro Trance, Tech Trance, Vocal Trance, Melodic Trance


This channel compensates the permanent lack of vata in our lives
Vata is not just a Russian word for a cotton candy. It’s also one of three doshas in Ayurveda.

Vata people have a gift for feeling love and expressing their feelings. They exist beyond material ideas, concepts and stereotypes of everyday life. They live in the alternative world ruled by deep cosmic love, perfection and harmony.
Vata is your oasis, a sound analog of the Bounty Bar advertising with the taste of paradise from the first notes.

Glamorous Easy Listening, smoothly flowing Chillout, sensual Neo-soul and Smooth Jazz, of course. Music of perfume, expensive cigars and sea breeze.
Chillout, Easy Listening, Trip-Hop, Smooth Jazz, Nu Jazz, Jazz, Soul, Neo-Soul


Awesome 300kmh and power 24/7
300kmh is the best background music for those who like driving against the wind. Not a step back, straight ahead to the new discoveries and opportunities!

300kmh is the electric flux created by thoughts and wishes of thousands of people preferring breakbeat. These people choose an alternative way of seeing, listening and understanding of music. Faster rhythms, trickers tunes, deeper senses.

Boiling Drum’n’Bass, exquisite Liquid Funk, spiky Neurofunk and canonical Breaks from the distant 80s. The best representatives of more than 20 styles are on the 300kmh frequency non-stop.
Big Beat, Breaks, Drum & Bass, Liquid funk, Drumfunk, Hardstep, Ragga Jungle, Acid Breaks, Ambient Breaks, Atmospheric Breaks, Brokenbeat, Florida Breaks, Funky Breaks, Grime, Miami Bass, Nu Breaks, Progressive Breaks, Drill'n'bass, Dubwise, Darkstep, Jump Up, Jazzstep, Intelligent, Sambass, Neurofunk, Techstep, Technoid, Trancestep


Awesome 186mph and power 24/7
186mph – sub-channel of the popular frequency 300kmh.

If you slow down, you’ll hear a melody and understand the true beauty of music. And there is more than enough beauty on this channel. Drum’n’Bass has always been divided into two parallel ways — hard dance rhythms and thoughtfully complicated electronics for gourmets. 186mph has been made exactly for the second ones.

Liquid funk, Jazz step and Intelligent – music of the cosy cafes or fashion shows. Music from the playlists of people with good taste.
Liquid funk, Jazzstep, Intelligent


Deep and calmly
Deep – for those who need music like oxygen. It’s a perfect music background for work, relaxation and travelling. It’s what everyone is looking for, but not many manage to find after hours of furious switching broadcasts. Now it is possible to forget about searching for music.

The secret is quiet simple. The excellent selection of material with a wide variety of «deep» styles – from Deep House and Soulful to such noble genres as Acid jazz and Trip hop.
Acid Jazz, Deep House, Deep Techno, Lounge, Trip-Hop, Soulful House, Future House, Tropical House

Too Deep

Deep and calmly too
«Too Deep» – the cheerful hit by The Mighty Bop with Bob Sinclar taking his first musical steps. We don’t know what kind of an idea French put in this song, but we think that one more Deep-channel never killed nobody.

Deeper and calmer. From the very calm notes of House and Techno to the meditative styles such as Downtempo.
Acid Jazz, Deep House, Deep Techno, Downtempo, Lounge


Tekk NO!
Techno is said to be the music of loneliness.

It’s the music of tunnels, underground, walking in the night around some empty city. But you’ll never be lonely with Mini. Gourmets of mature electronic music tune to this frequency from all over the world.

Purebred Deep House, ascetic Minimal, energetic Tech House. The real music of machines is broadcasted here, here is the future. As some classics said: "If you hear something unfamiliar, probably it’s techno".
Deep Techno, Minimal Techno, Techno, Tech House, Melodic Techno


Let me see You Pop!
There is no place for ads and intrusive MCs on this channel. This channel is what you’ve always dreamed about. Only the best and most popular music of all time is broadcasted in non-stop mode without any interferences and digressions.

Pop-music is in its great variety. Romantic synth-pop, naive eurodance, American pop-rock and modern hits by famous Russian and global musicians.
Synth-Pop, Eurodance, Pop, Dance Pop, Pop Rock, Russian Pop


Everything good, old, eternal
The real paradise for experienced music lovers!

You’ll never get bored with this channel: moderators of the Old School station lay mats on the floor and practice Air Twist and Backspin from dawn till dusk. It’s just impossible to work with such a vibe!

«Super Fly Jam» — declares a robot voice, «Backing to the Old School» — roars an unknown MC, a sudden scratch turns on the familiar beat.

You’ll never get tired of this music. That London 2 Step of the late 90s, rumbling big beat from distant childhood, springy Speed Garage and the epochs of funk and disco.

You can’t drop it!
2 Step, Big Beat, Funk, Speed Garage, Garage, Breakstep, Fidget House, UK Funky, Disco


Don`t be a stranger!
There’s nothing bad in being strange.
At least you’re not like the others.

And probably, your music tastes don’t have much support among the others.
But it makes matters more interesting: it means that you understand something, otherwise John Cage would be on the radio and 4.33 minutes of silence would be the main festival hit.

All styles of different branches are collected here and the common thread running through them is full of mysticism and mysteriousness with tokens of conceptualism and the latest technical ideas.

Downtempo, Dub, UK Garage, Dark Ambient, Brokenbeat, IDM, Glitch, Freestyle, Classical Crossover, Instrumental, Witch House — welcome to the parallel world!
Downtempo, Dub, Funk, UK Garage, Dark Ambient, Brokenbeat, IDM, Glitch, Nu Jazz, Freestyle, Classical Crossover, Instrumental, Witch House, Future Bass