Russia, Moscow
Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Russia, Moscow
20 May 2022, Грани (Aktau (SHevchenko))
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Russia, Moscow
One of the first electronic music artists who has been successfully pulling in big crowds all over Russia and Eastern Europe. As a famous DJ & live act he shared stage with many leading artists such as The Prodigy, Underworld, Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto. Currently, Ed hosts a weekly radio show MegaBeat. Well known by his top quality sound production / recent releases on Outta Limits and Stellar Fountain. Cosmonaut is also known as a progressive/techno hero of Goa.
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
He took part in various musical events from small private parties to major festivals. He plays a wide variety of music from underground to modern dance hits.
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Russia, Armavir
Russia, Saint Petersburg
MUSIC is the energy of my soul. Music gives me strength to move forward and enjoy life! I am always glad to share a selection of beautiful music and positive energy !!!
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All colours of house music
10 -1
Russia, Petrozavodsk
11 -8
Russia, Kuzneck
DJ, musician, remixmaker from the Volga region. Every day he records a series of mixes and podcasts of different styles of music, as well as remixes of popular tracks. Always interested in the trend in the music world.
12 -1
Russia, Revda (Sverdlovskaya obl.)
Only the brightest,newest and high quality remixes and tracks I carefully select for YOU the mixes in my most favorite style of Russian Pop!!!!
today, Арт-Кафе "Фламбе" (Revda (Sverdlovskaya obl.))
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Russia, Moscow
Multiformat DJ and musician with a decade of experience, included to the top of Russia. The creator of the modern and popular weekly podcast "HartDance Radio" & "Big Pop Party"
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Russia, Moscow
15 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
16 +8
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Popular Russian DJ from St. Petersburg.
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Russia, Ulyanovsk
18 -1
Russia, Moscow
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Belarus, Minsk
My music will wonderfully complement your holidays and brighten up your daily life !!!
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Russia, Saint Petersburg
21 +1
Russia, Moscow
DJ Peretse - the best speedmixer and megamix-maker of Russia, resident of radio Record, the highest rated DJ according to the PromoDJ version, producer of the radio show Megamix and WakeUp Mix on Record radio and NRJ Megamix on radio Energy, resident of the biggest club in the world - Privilege (Ibiza), popular electronic producer official collaborations with top international and Russian artists (Deep Purple, Emin etc)
22 -1
Russia, Kostroma
23 +19
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Russia, Moscow
25 +8
Russia, Moscow
26 -1
Russia, Saint Petersburg
GASA & Deep Sunset long found their sound, which is the maximum resolution is presented in progressive & atmospheric breaks - compilations Pacification. Seasoned with the style of melodic, soulful, deep and dramatic breaks broken rhythms, these works may be standard and unique archive of contemporary breaks-sound.
27 +18
Russia, Moscow
28 +3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Producer of the biggest trance festival in Russia - TRANCEMISSION, Rasident of the Radio Record and Sensation
29 +11
Russia, Saint Petersburg
MISHA KLEIN - Author of numerous compilations for portal bananastreet.ru, as well as numerous remixes for the singles world and local stars.
30 +2
Russia, Moscow
31 -2
Russia, CHelyabinsk
Label: PilL Studio [CBD Racords] © / NEError (Electro House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Electro)
32 -16
Belarus, Minsk
33 -13
Russia, Moscow
SVET is a successful dj and a sound producer with more than nineteen years of experience. An official DJ during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. The winner of the best track BURN DJ. The winner of a dj battle, organized by “DJMAG” journal....
34 -7
Russia, Zelenograd
35 +2
Russia, Moscow
36 -6
Russia, Moscow
DJ & Producer From Moscow. Weekly dance podcast Electrica House Electro Progressive Tribal Tech Deep Nu Disco Chill Out
37 +6
Russia, Moscow
Russian DJ and producer. Official DJ "SMOTRA.RU". Resident "Megapolis Night Radio".
38 +14
Russia, Lipeck
39 -4
Russia, YUzhno-Sahalinsk
DJ, producer, promotions manager ¦ Russia, Sakhalin ¦ HOUSE/G-HOUSE/DEEP HOUSE/CLUB HOUSE
40 -12
Russia, Moscow
41 -7
Russia, Saint Petersburg
42 new
Russia, Moscow
43 -17
Russia, Moscow
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Russia, Moscow
45 +5
Russia, Moscow
27 May 2022, Air (YAroslavl)
46 -8
Russia, Krasnogorsk
47 +2
Russia, Dolgoprudnyi
The Lord gives me the opportunity to do things you love and my gratitude to him - has no boundaries! At the console I'm happy, them happy, and share with joy!
48 -7
Russia, Saint Petersburg
49 -10
Russia, Moscow
DJ with many years of experience in clubs, restaurants, bars, cafes in Moscow. Guest of various festive events. Resident of Tech Time, Soundfield labels.
50 -6
51 new
Russia, Angarsk
52 -6
Russia, Saint Petersburg
53 +2
Russia, Moscow
54 +17
Russia, Moscow
55 +35
Russia, Moscow
Professional musician and world travelled DJ M.Pravda, founder of National Sound Records servicing the world’s top DJ’s. With quality releases & remixes under his belt and an increasingly diverse resume of global venues played suach as The Guvernment (Toronto, Canada), La Boom (Montreal, Canada), Fabrique (Moscow, Russia), IBIZA (Camboriu, Brazil), Kazantip (Ukraine) and much more M.Pravda have earned big respect among fameous music producers, DJ’s and party goers.
56 +3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Neuropunk, Gydra
57 -10
Russia, Moscow
«Music, like rain, drop by drop, seeps into the heart and animates it». Romain Rolland
58 +7
Russia, Orehovo-Zuevo
DJ, Musician
59 +3
Russia, Saint Petersburg
60 +26
Russia, Saint Petersburg
61 +11
Russia, Moscow
DJ, promoter, headliner of numerous festivals, raves and open-airs. Her mixes played on largest radio stations of Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, France, Czech republic, Italy, Northen Ireland, Brazil, Belgium, UK, Germany, USA, Ibiza, etc. She's the first DJ-Girl of Russia, who started to play the hardest and extreme styles of music.
20 May 2022, Main Stage (Moscow)
62 new
63 -2
64 -7
Russia, Moscow
I try to get into the author's intention of the composers, choosing tracks for the mix, captivating the listeners with my musical expression. It's really just my taste, focused on the given sound, tempo and clean sound.
65 +28
United States, Los Angeles
Do u need any words about Danila?
66 -18
Russia, Lipeck
67 new
Russia, Krasnodar
68 new
Russia, Moscow
21 May 2022, Высоцкий (Moscow)
69 new
70 -2
Russia, Moscow
71 -15
Russia, Moscow
72 new
Russia, Moscow
73 +1
Russia, Moscow
74 +8
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
75 -6
Russia, Norilsk
76 -13
Russia, Stavropol
Hello my dear. My experience as a DJ began since the ninety-fourth year of the last century, over a thousand events, corporate parties, weddings, anniversaries, and other projects have been held. I try to write quality mashapy and mixes. Hope you like them. Thank. All good and creativity.
77 new
DJ, musician and artist. His subtle flair and passion for the mixing of styles makes special every new track, a remix and mix.
78 -8
Russia, Saint Petersburg
psychedelic space funk
79 +2
80 -13
Russia, Habarovsk
81 new
Russia, Astrahan
For my mixes, I choose only the highest quality music, and it doesn't matter if it's an old or new track, I play for my soul and not for commerce)))
82 -28
Russia, Kirov
Harvest Dance Music
83 -8
Russia, Novosibirsk
84 -7
Russia, Novosibirsk
85 new
86 new
Russia, Moscow
87 +4
Hello everyone, my name alias - Virgil Hill and I am glad to introduce you to my stuff here. I cooperate with labels from Russia and Ukraine, will be glad to collaborate with many other labels and DJs from around the world. Also releasing his weekly radio show called "Land of our Dreams".
88 new
89 new
Against the background of electronic, dance music, this project stands out for its melody of their own tracks and "warm" guest mixes. Sugarman & Tim Kiri are frequent guests of Rooftop parties and beach events.
90 -3
Russia, Moscow
91 new
92 -19
Russia, Ekaterinburg
93 new
Russia, Saint Petersburg
94 -28
Russia, Saint Petersburg
95 -37
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
96 +4
97 -14
Russia, Koryazhma
A creative,positive person-I prefer to play electronic music (club house-deep house-minimal techno) I believe that each of the directions and musical styles has its own masterpieces and hits, so I play almost everything...I will be glad to see everyone on my page, download-listen and finally just enjoy good music...
98 -47
Russia, Moscow
club DJ, radio presenter, minimalist in life... Dj Beard's mixes published on the world's largest techno portal (one million regular subscribers and listeners)... Shared a lineup with: Adam beyer, Pan-Pot, Dubfire, Joseph capriati, Nina kraviz, Sasha, Loco dice and many others... Shared a lineup with: Adam beyer, Pan-Pot, Dubfire, Joseph capriati, Nina kraviz, Sasha, Loco dice and many others...
99 -10
Russia, Penza
100 -20
Russia, Moscow
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