8-bit is a musical genre from the late 00s. The main characteristic feature includes its electronic sound that reminds game soundtracks on Dendy, NES, Sega Master System or computers based on the 8-bit processor (Z80, 6510): ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, etc.

Birth: 1987 Bloom: 1993

As a music genre, typified by a fast tempo, various drums in Aphex Twin`s style, polyphonies and frequent rhythmic changes.

Covers are usually in bright colors and pixel graphics, musicians address to themes of robots, mechanics or cosmos. Often titles on covers are styled as ASCII-art.

Sometimes 8-bit is called chiptune, but there is an alternative opinion that chiptune and 8-bit are two different styles based on the same sound. Besides, 8-bit is a dance music style, while chiptune is a free music form of cybernetic retro-aesthetics.

Technologists resolve this dispute with better arguments:

Chiptune music was created on the base of game console`s chip with the help of game consoles or special equipment, whereas 8-bit usually is created on a computer with modern music sequencers.

8-bit (as an element) can be found in sub-genres of house, techno, metal or some nintendocore.

8-bit instruments are characterized by noise because of the interpolation of low resolution and frequent using the «arp» effect; Often 8-bit sound can be simulated by using a bitcrusher.

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