Chiptune is a genre of electronic music, typified by the sound of synthesizing chips or their imitation.

Birth: 1982 Bloom: 1986 Death: 1989

Also the term chiptune can be referred to music created specially for playback with sound generator chips. The parallel genre of chiptune is 8-bit.

Chiptune was extremely popular in the 80s at the time when PC Commodore 64 was on the peak of its popularity and equipped with the powerful at that time sound coprocessor SID, which was used in games or demos. Later with the growing popularity of Amiga platform chiptune became a direction in tracker music. Also chiptune was on the ZX-Spectrum computer that was especially popular in the 80s (Europe) and in the 90s (ex USSR). Nowadays, Chiptune is developed on the IBM PC platform, where it`s used as demos and music for keygens. Moreover, some popular artists use chiptune as an arrangement for their songs (for example, Machnae Supremacy).

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Umbrellate style: Downtempo

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Chiptune tracks and remixes

102 1:36   89 PR 2,2 ▲
Chiptune, 8-bit
109 2:31   88 PR 2,2 ▲
Chiptune, 8-bit
140 1:32 1 82 PR 2,1 ▲
Chiptune, 8-bit

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