Hardcore is a genre of electronic music emerged in the early 90s when musicians began to experiment with techno music tempos. The emergence and development of this style can be observed in several countries. First of all it was in the Netherlands, Germany, and UK. The genre is typified by a high rapidity (160 to 300 BPM), the usage of atonal industrial sounds or samples, and the intensity of the kicks with distortion.

Birth: 1991 Bloom: 1996

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Hardcore is usually made with the help of music sequencers. A lot of hardcore tracks were created with trackers. Many musicians recorded their tracks using different music innovation for their own pleasure. The main musical instruments include Roland TR-909 drum machines, Roland TB-303 bass synths, and synths Roland Alpha Juno (and Jupiter). Roland Alpha June 2 was the most popular instrument in hardcore music used by Ruffneck and Predator. 

Hardcore gave a birth to many subgenres and derived styles, most of them have already died. Besides, there are a lot of meanings of the word «hardcore» in different fields. Often some hardcore subgenres are classified by the place where they were created, for example Frankfurt sound and French sound.

Deriative styles: Breakcore, Digital Hardcore, Frenchcore, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore Continuum , Hardstyle, JumpStyle, Jungle, New Rave, Rave, Speedcore

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Hardcore mixes

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Hardcore, Hardstyle
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Hardcore tracks and remixes

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Hardcore, Rave
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Hardcore, Breakcore
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Hardcore, Old School Rap

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