Psy Chill

Psy chill is an ambient form of psychedelic trance or goa trance that considered as the most difficult in structure ambient variation.

Birth: 1993 Bloom: 1998

Psy chill`s roots can be dated as far back as groups The Infinity Project and Astralasia began to create music in the 1990s. Many goa trance artists (esp. Astral Projection) used to add a chillout composition as a final track in albums. By the late 90s final tracks became extremely popular. It was caused by the band Shpongle who with their first album «Are You Shpongled?» in 1998 established psychedelic chillout rules. Projects Shulman and Violet Vision is also said to be Shpongle`s followers.

Nowadays that sound is still popular and actively released by labels like Ultimae and Interchill. But, gradually artists playing fast trance were replaced by musicians preferring calm sound of chillout rooms.

Many compositions are uploaded in the Internet instead of CD releases. So, musicians are used to sharing characteristic features with each other all around the world, that`s why the music often includes different cultural elements.

Besides, experimental acoustic music, jazz, progressive rock, and other music styles have a great influence on the formation of psychedelic chillout.

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Umbrellate style: Downtempo

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Psy Chill mixes

371 50:08 22 142 PR 36,7 ▲
Psy Chill, Downtempo
393 53:17 23 139 PR 36,4 ▲
Psy Chill, Downtempo
403 56:35 18 141 PR 36,1 ▲
Psy Chill, Downtempo
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Psy Chill tracks and remixes

136 2:40 2 339 PR 11,5 ▲
Psy Chill, Experimental
132 2:32 2 119 PR 6,7 ▲
Psy Chill, Melodic Trance
120 3:48 6 22 PR 3,9 ▲
Psy Chill, Chillwave

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