Dancehall was created in the 80s in Jamaica. The musical structure of this style is based on reggae-rhythms but faster than usual. Dancehall is designed for dancing, as opposed to reggae. It doesn`t have any lyrics sense, sounds easy and airily.

Birth: 1986 Bloom: 1997

The style was formed with the help of Kingston ghetto streets, where Jamaican teens used to dance to incendiary reggae music. The term, first of all, means a specific dance and only then music. In Jamaica people prefer to replace the term «dancehall» by more literal expression «ragga jam»

During its 30 years history the style has already managed to form the original culture mixing music with rhythms and dancing. Ragga dancehall is a lifestyle for many South Americans, and the essential part of life in Jamaica; it`s expressed in clothes, behavior and even in religious prejudice.

Nowadays, dancehall has deep roots in the global culture. Almost all dance schools teach students to dancehall dance, and dancehall music is broadcasted on a number of radio stations. Dancehall became the important part of the American hip-hop scene due to Shaggy, Sean Paul, and Black Eyed Peace. In the USA the evolved version of dancehall music is called bashment.

Umbrellate style: Reggae

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Dancehall tracks and remixes

703 3:08   233 PR 5,8 ▲
Dancehall, Moombahton
441 2:36   176 PR 4,4 ▲
Dancehall, Moombahcore
170 2:44   128 PR 4,2 ▲
Dancehall, Reggae

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