Moombancore is a subgenre of moombahton characterized by hard aggressive basses a la brostep and moombahton`s rhythmic structure.

Birth: 2009 Bloom: 2010

As a music genre, it`s typified by a tempo 110 BPM. Some people call moombahcore moombahstep, but this definition is quite rare. Besides, moombahton absorbed elements of Dutch house and reggaeton, when moombahcore was influenced by breakcore and aggressive dubstep.

Moombahcore is recognizable by its wobble bass, distortion, and complex rhythmic patterns of percussion. It is not certainly known who was the founder of this genre, but there are lots of artists who populated the style like Skrillex, Knife Party, Munchi, Dillon Francis, and Nick Thayer. Nowadays, the style is represented by Diplo, Calverton, Funtcase, Singularity, and many others.

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Umbrellate style: Moombahton

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Moombahcore tracks and remixes

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Moombahcore, Moombahton
385 3:32   121 PR 4,1 ▲
Moombahcore, G-House
16 5:21   5 PR 0,1 ▲

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