Moombahsoul is the soulful side of moombahton typified by calm beautiful melodies, vocals, and live instruments.

Birth: 2009 Bloom: 2010

Moombahsoul is a quite young style that hasn`t got its steady characteristic features. Moombahsoul differs from moombahton by calm relaxing melodies. The style was influenced by neo soul, deep house, and jazz.

The most interesting artist of this style is Biblio, who for several years has been praised by the authoritative magazine Pitchfork. Alongside him attention should be paid to DJ Theory, King Kong, Sonora, Tony Mundaca, DJ David HeartBreak, DJ Morrison, and DJ Jon Kwest.

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Umbrellate style: Moombahton

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Moombahsoul tracks and remixes

392 3:05 4 155 PR 7,6 ▲
Moombahsoul, Twerk
190 3:02 6 90 PR 6,1 ▲
217 3:22 4 95 PR 2,5 ▲
Moombahsoul, Deep House

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