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Russian pop music is Russian-language pop music produced either in Russia or other countries. This is the successor to popular "variety" Soviet music with its pop idols such as Alla Pugachova or Valery Leontiev.

Birth: 1857 Bloom: 2000

Centres of Russian pop music include Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kiev (Ukraine). After collapse of the USSR many Russian people immigrate in Europe, Canada, the USA, and Australia, where local people met Russian music and culture. The big contribution to Russian pop music was made artists who aren`t from Russia. For example, Филип Киркоров (Filip Kirkorov) came from Bulgaria, Ани Лорак (Ani Lorak), Верка Сердючка (Verka Serdjuchka), ВИА Гра (VIA Gra) from Ukraine, Laima Vaikule from Latvia, Серёга (Serjoga) and Дмитрий Колдун (Dmitrij Koldun) from Belarus, Авраам Руссо (Avraam Russo) from Syria, А-Студио (A-studio) from Kazakhstan, and many others.

The late 90s – early 00s was the period of American music that heavily influenced Russian music. Russian musicians borrowed lots of musical means, especially arrangements.

In the end of 00s the Russian pop marked moved to the new stage of digital releases because albums sells dramatically decreased. For example, in the 90s and the mid-00s lots of albums were bestsellers (an average number is 1.5 million units), when in 2009 sells declined to 50,000 units. And digital albums began to be sold in 1.2 million units. However, the main problem of the Russian music market is the high level of piracy.

Characteristic features of Russian pop music include a tendency to arrange tours around Russia and CIS countries.

Umbrellate style: Pop

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