Latin Pop

Latin pop is the main subgenre of Latin music. During the whole history of the XX century music Latin pop had been popular all around the world for several times represented by talented artists and musicians.

Birth: 1983 Bloom: 1999

Before the middle of XX century Latin music was considered as «wild» or «savage music» and performed only in Latin countries. But in the 60s Ritchie Valens began to perform this wild music on a big scene. In the 70s Latin singers Julio Iglesias and Gloria Estefan became extremely popular.

However, the peak of Latin music longed during the period since 1997 to 2003. In 1997 Julio Iglesias released several singles, which became extremely popular in the USA. After a year Ricky Martin released the album «Vuelve», 8 million copies of which were sold. In that same year there were released Ricky Martin`s singles «Maria» and «La Copa De La Vida». The second song was translated into English as «The Cup Of Life» and became the official hymn of World Football Cup that was held in France in 1998.

In 1999 there were released singles by Enrique Iglesias «Bailamos» and Shakira`s «Donde Estan Los Ladrones?», which were on leading positions in American charts. In that same year Ricky Martin released the album «Ricky Martin» that has sold 22 million copies. In 2000 Ricky Martin released another album «Sound Loaded». In 2001 Enrique Iglesias presented the album «Escape», as well as Shakira released «Laundry Service», they have sold more than 10 million copies all around the world.

In 2002 Enrique Iglesias recorded the single «Love To See You Cry» that got first place in American charts. In 2003 Ricky Martin recorded the album «Almas del Silencio» that got in ten best albums of the 2003 year. During 2004-2007 there was a decline of interest in Latin music, but in 2007 Enrique Iglesias and Julio Iglesias released albums, singles from which became so popular that returned the popularity of Latin music.

Not only Ricky Martin, Shakira, Julio and Enrique Iglesias made Latin music popular, but also there were many successful artists such as Selena, Marc Anthony, Aventura, Jennifer Lopez, Luis Miguel, Paulina Rubio, Alejandro Sanz, Natalia Oreiro, and lots of Latin house DJs.

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