Acid Jazz

Acid jazz is a musical genre that combines elements of the `70s jazz and funk, dance music, and American old school hip-hop. Acid jazz was created as a combination of new forms of traditional jazz. The style began extremely popular due to Jamiroquai and Us3.

Birth: 1987 Bloom: 1995 Death: 2003

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Acid Jazz

The term «acid jazz» is used for a wide range of music. The style emerged in 1987 on the British music scene and was based on funk in a combination of classical jazz tracks, hip-hop or Latin groove. Acid jazz is the style of the jazz revival inspired by the `60s old jazz records and the `70s early funk jazz. Eventually, the lack of improvisation in acid jazz became the reason for questions if it`s possible to attribute the style to jazz or not.

Among acid jazz artists attention should be paid to Jamiroquai, Incognito, Brand New Heavis, Groove Collective, Guru, and James Taylor. Some specialists suggest that Medeski and Martin & Wood, notable representatives of contemporary avant-garde, actually began their career from acid jazz.

Gilles Peterson is considered to be one of the founders of the style and the term «acid jazz». By the way, in the USA the term «acid jazz» was replaced by «groove jazz» or «club jazz».

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Acid Jazz, Chillout
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Acid Jazz, Chillout
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Acid Jazz

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