Nu Jazz

Nu jazz first appeared in the late 90s and surprised listeners by the combination of jazz structure with electronic processing of jazz instruments.

Birth: 1993 Bloom: 1999

The word «nu jazz» is a quite wide umbrella term including elements of many styles.

Its scopes lay from the combination of live instruments with electronic beats — from jazzy house to the brand sound with elements of electronics — future jazz.

Nu jazz differs from acid jazz by its deep electronic influence when acid jazz is closer to traditional funk, soul, and rhythm and blues. But also there are exceptions when artists like Groove Collective managed to blur boarders between these two styles.

Good nu jazz is designed to create a pleasant atmosphere, that`s why it`s often played as a background.

Umbrellate style: Jazz

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Nu Jazz tracks and remixes

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Nu Jazz
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Nu Jazz, Russian Pop
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Nu Jazz

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