Smooth Jazz

Smooth jazz is a jazz subgenre emerged in the USA in the 60-70s, influenced by rhythm and blues, funk, rock, and pop.

Birth: 1968 Bloom: 1977

The style first appeared in the early 70s as fusion. It was started by jazz musicians such as Quincy Jones as the result of mixing instrumental virtuosity and improvisations of traditional jazz with contemporary electronic sensitivity. A saxophone became a leading smooth jazz instrument.

The characteristic examples of smooth jazz include the composition «Tell Me a Bedtime Story» by Quincy Jones (1970s) and «Between the Sheets» by Fourplay. In the 90s there was a new tendency to background music that led to the emergency of many identical tracks. The contemporary smooth jazz style — is more adult, sensual music, designed for radio broadcasting.

Umbrellate style: Jazz

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Smooth Jazz mixes

613 58:53 15 99 PR 13,6 ▲
Smooth Jazz, Soul
136 57:38   41 PR 3 ▲
Smooth Jazz, Deep House
495 4:35   46 PR 2,5 ▲
Smooth Jazz, Jungle
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Smooth Jazz tracks and remixes

150 2:00 20 83 PR 12,5 ▲
Smooth Jazz, Funk
362 2:56 6 94 PR 9,4 ▲
Smooth Jazz, Chillout
89 4:16 1 98 PR 3,6 ▲
Smooth Jazz, Lo-Fi

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