Footwork is a style of related music and street dance that originated in Chicago. The music style has evolved from the musical style juke that was a derivative of Chicago ghetto house. Footwork as well as juke is fast (150-160 BPM) and usually created with Roland (808 or 909 model) synths.

Birth: 1994 Bloom: 2011

The style was popularized outside Chicago by inclusion in the music video for Dude 'n Nem's 2007 single "Watch My Feet". The track was released in 2007, but the fashion on footwork came later. Different descriptions of the footwork dance and later tracks convenient for footwork dances began to appear in blogs.

Footwork didn`t gain mainstream success despite the global fame of juke and footwork. Footwork music is quite difficult for perception. Cult footwork tracks such as «Reverb»by DJ Rashad are walls of throbbing noise, John Cage could be proud of them. Footwork has a long pedigree that leads to house. But it is not so easy to find house in footwork when footwork producers from Chicago consider themselves as keepers of house roots.

European musicians not only develop footwork ideas, but also experiment with a tempo of the style. In UK the footwork chief is Mike Paradinas, who is the head of the Planet Mu label and musician looking for new forms of sound in electronic music.

Umbrellate style: Experimental

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Footwork, Drum & Bass
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Footwork, Glitch

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