Hi-NRG is a style of dance music that chronologically became a forerunner of house. As a music genre, typified by the fast tempo of sequencer staccato synths, and crashes are often replaced by drums. Tracks are usually saturated with drum machine claps.

Birth: 1984 Bloom: 1987 Death: 1989

In 1984 hi-NRG music topped all mainstream pop-charts, mostly it was the success of the Record Shack label. Very often the style is associated with LGBT communities, because tracks such as Miquel Brown`s «So Many Men, So Little Time» and Hazell Dean`s «Searchin` (I Gotta Find A Man)» were dedicated to LGBT communities. The genre defining track was the composition by Evelyn Thomas «High Energy» produced by Ian Levine.

The Record Shack label topped charts with tracks by Break Machine and comeback single by Eartha Kitt. First producers in the hi-NRG style who achieved the top of British charts were Stock Aitken Waterman in collaboration with Divine and Hazell Dean. As the result of their work they producted «You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)» by Dead or Alive project.

Umbrellate style: Disco

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