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Space disco is a genre of dance music emerged in the late 70s. It was especially popular in France and some parts of Germany. Space disco gained mainstream success around 1977-1979 alongside the releases of «Star Wars» and «Close Encounters of the Third Kind». Space disco artists are used to performing in futuristic clothes with the usage of laser beams as light effects at discos.

Birth: 1972 Bloom: 1978

Electonics became affordable with the appearance of mini-synth Moog in 1970. Space electronics is based on German psychedelia. In the early 1970s the Berlin group Tangerine Dream stood out against krautrock by fully electronic sound without guitar parts. Their music was so unusual that it seemed to be created by alien creatures. Tangerine Dream with a great pleasure played with fantasy by naming their compositions «Alpha Centauri», «Birth Of Liquid Plejades» or «Sunrise In The Third System». At that time the group wasn`t properly perceived by people, but after years the group merited the cult status as a pioneer of electronics.

Later Kraftwerk from Dusseldorf became the first electronic band that achieved commercial success. No wander, the group used to pay attention not only to music, but also to the image and stage shows. In fantasy Kraftwerk is known as creators of the best hymn to robots – the song «Robots».

By the late 70s enthusiasts from France replaced Germans, the most notable of them was Jean Michel Jarre. He was born in the creative family and doomed to live in the world of academic music. But instead of this he became interested in synths (very rare and expensive at that time). His first compositions were so vanguard that rarely someone could listen to the end.

The revolution took place in 1976 with the release of album «Oxygene». Atmospheric synths and theremins performed as symphonic music got their fans among the general public in no time. Jean Michel finally got his place in the space electronics as an honorary member for his albums «Equinoxe», «Rendez-vous» and «Chronologie».Moreover Jean Michael became famous for his fantastic light shows and the usage of futuristic elements such as a laser harp on photo cells.

In 1977 Paris dance club began to be full of strange people wearing spacesuits. They were called Space and the crew commander was Didier Marouani. They accented on unearthly synth sound and sci-fi shows. Their rhythmic music wasn`t suitable for meditations, but was perfect for discos. Space gave a rise to many imitators playing in space disco. «Space» pop-groups began to appeare one after other. Most of them fell into oblivion when space disco went out of fashion.

In the mid-00s at the wave of nu disco popularity, many nu disco artists became interested in the forgotten space sound of the space disco style. That was the revival of space disco. The release of the popular single «I Fell Space» by Norwegian musician Lindstrom is considered to be the starting point. His ideas were picked up by compatriots Prins Thomas, Diskjokke, Mungolian Jet Set. And space music began to be created in France, Australia, Italy and Russia. Among Russian musicians like Tesla Boy, D-Pulse, Solila, Acos Coolkas, Volta Cab, AN-2 have achieved international success.

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