Slow Motion House (Disco)

Slow motion house or disco is a wide but quite young term that combines vibrant and melodic disco with house music in 4/4 signature, the main feature of which is a low tempo 113-188 BPM.

Birth: 2008 Bloom: 2011

Slow motion is an effect in film-making whereby time is slowed down. That`s why slow motion music isn`t just slow but purposely slowed down. It is the main difference of slow motion music from slow balearic or downtempo. Оverclocked slow motion to 120 BPM is similar to usual dance electronics.

In spite of the fact that slow motion disco and slow motion house styles sound alike, they have different preconditions for the emergence and unlinked history.

Slow motion disco is one of evolutionary branches of the big disco-revival that happened in the mid-80s. This is the next step after atmospheric dreamy space disco that was slowed down naturally in order to express melodies and create necessary atmosphere. The key role in the slow motion music belongs to artists like The Revenge, 6th Borough Project, Pallers, Pional, Marcos Cabral, and many others.

Slow motion disco is exclusively European music, whereas slow motion house was formed as an independent style and popular in the USA by efforts of the label Wolf + Lamb and their most bright residents – project Soul Clap and artists: Mark E, Trickski, Locussolus and others.

Slow motion house had two preconditions for the emergence.

Firstly in many clubs there was a tendency to change the format from bustling disco into dating agency locations where music sounds as background, but you can dance if you wish. The existence of such places increased the demand for suitable music. Secondly there was a close relationship between slow motion house and the culture of edits. Edit is the kind of adaptation of undanceable tracks for DJs, which`s represented by a light reconstruction with a steady beat in 4/4 signature where bass drum falls on every beat. Edits are usually made on soul-ballad or rhythm & blues music. Usually, in remixes with tempo 128 BPM fragments of such compositions sound vulgar and inappropriate. But slow motion house edits in tempo 113-118 BPM allow to hear tracks in its origin and without loss its best melodic threads and mood.

Umbrellate style: Disco

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Slow Motion House (Disco)

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