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Baile Funk

Baile funk, favela funk, funk carioca — is a type of dance music emerged in Brazil in the mid-80s. A typical baile funk track includes: breakbeat on drum machines 808 or 909 with percussions borrowed from samba, catchy melodic samples, and characteristic melodic recitative.

Birth: 1983 Bloom: 2001

Before 00s baile funk was popular only in Brazil. On February 11, 2001, the first U.S. reference to the music itself was made by Neil Strauss in the New York Times newspaper, recognizing it as a distinct musical genre, and along with Kwaito music in South Africa, one of the first new genres of electronic, street dance music to have become important outside North America and Europe. After some time baile funk became globally known due to Diplo and M.I.A, who recorded several baile funk tracks.

Diplo noticed growing interest to wild music from Rio and offered Brazilians Bonde Do Role to release tracks on his record label company. Bone Do Role became globally popular as well as the impersonation of this new style. Nowadays, baile tracks are played by many fidget DJs, when Bonde Do Role is a welcome guest on big festivals.

The main themes of baile funk lyrics — female beauty and disrespect to the police. Mostly compositions consist of obscene lexis, that`s why popular Brazilian artists make two versions of tracks — «home truth» and «light».

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Baile Funk

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