Art Rock

Art rock is a genre of rock music typified by melodic, harmonic and rhythmic experiments, lyrics are often metaphorical. Art rock took influences from several genres, notably classical music, as well as academic, ethnic, jazz music or experimental avant garde.

Birth: 1967 Bloom: 1973 Death: 1992

Due to its classical influences and experimental nature, art rock has often been used synonymously with progressive rock, but subsequently progressive music got a big variety of stylistic features and the term «art music» almost has lost its meaning and now is used in the narrow sense. Nevertheless, people still argue about the meaning. For example, some people think that the term «art rock» is suitable only for English bands, because the term «progressive rock» was coined in the USA.

Besides, bands that used to perform theatrical performances can be attributed to art rock (Roxy Music, Kayak, Genesis). Nevertheless, most authoritative English editions limit the using of the term «art rock» to mainstream musical experiments by progressive bands. Among them attention should be paid to Roxy Music, David Bowie, Barclay James Harvest, and Be-Bop Deluxe.

The most authoritative website about progressive music Progarchives ( ignores the term «art rock» and uses «crossover prog» and «eclectic prog» instead. «Crossover prog» is used for more commercial progressive music (Supertramp, Mike Oldfield), when «eclectic prog» defines noncommercial progressive music with blurred stylistic scopes and features of symphonic prog (King Crimson, Van der Graaf Generator).

In Russia some rock bands from the 80s-90s can be attributed to art rock, for example the album «Энергия» («Energy») by the band Алиса (Alisa).

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Art Rock
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Art Rock

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