Glam Rock

Glam rock (also known as glitter rock) is a style of rock and pop music that developed in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s, which was performed by singers and musicians who wore outrageous clothes, makeup and hairstyles, particularly platform-soled boots and glitter. Musically glam rock was very diverse, varying between the simple rock and roll to hard rock, art rock, and pop. Glam rock elements influenced disco, punk, and new wave.

Birth: 1972 Bloom: 1976 Death: 1995

The most notable artists of glam rock are Britons Mark Bolan, Garry Glitter, Roy Wood, and Americans Alice Cooper, Frank Zappa. Besides, David Bowie was the one who made a great contribution to the development of the style when he created his Ziggy Stardust persona. His music can`t be completely attributed to glam rock, but he was first who suggested eccentric appearance and performances.

Glam rock artists were often accused of homosexuality because of their appearance: leggings makeup, tights, wigs. Nevertheless, artists from the globally popular band Kiss were brutal and severe; they used their defiant appearance to increase the success.

Umbrellate style: Rock

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Glam Rock tracks and remixes

200 3:18 10 246 PR 8,7 ▲
Glam Rock, Synth-Pop
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Glam Rock, Pop Rock
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Glam Rock, Heavy metal

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