Surf is popular American music of the early 1960s, originally it was beach music for surfers. The genre has appeared with original Dick Dale`s guitar style.

Birth: 1961 Bloom: 1966

Initially, the style was based on simple cyclic melodic patterns, but gradually it became more complicated. Surf rock was developed and reached success in the 1960s due to Dick Dale and The Ventures.

In the 1990s, there was a new wave of interest to surf with the emergence of a new style surf-revival. This wave enriched the style with new groups, wherease surf legendary musicians started to record good sounding albums. There was a newcosmic themes that inspired lots of musicians like Man or Astro-Man?, Los Straitjackets, Shadowy man on shadowy planet.

Quentin Tarantino influenced surf`s popularity by putting several surf hits in his film Pulp Fisction in 1994. Film includes compositions: Misirlou — Dick Dale, Bustin Surfboards — The Tornadoes, Bullwinkle Part II — The Centurians, Comanche — The Revels. The composition «Surf Rider» played by The Lively Ones (the original belongs to The Ventures) became extremely popular. All the `60s surf tracks that were used by Taratino became hits.

Nowadays, surf`s popularity dramatically declined, but most groups of the 90s still perform. Surf`s harmony consists of: Am Am Dm Am Em Dm Am, which is similar with blues, but has more minor chords.

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Umbrellate style: Rock

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