Chillout is a style of electronic music, the name of which comes from slang, to chill out means to calm down, to relax. Chillout is an umbrella term for several styles of electronic music based on slow-tempo and sweet-sounding melodies.

Birth: 1992 Bloom: 2001

Chillout emerged in the early 1990s and was relaxing and mellow. At that time several fundamental complications were released with «Chill Out» in their titles. These albums were tight tied with such styles as downtempo, trip-hop, with slow-paced variants of house-music, nu jazz, psybeint and lounge. Trance, ambient and IDM also had a great impact on chillout. The term «chill out» generally is used for describing tonal, relaxing music, not as intense as aforementioned styles. Sometimes, instead of chillout can be used the term «soft techno».

Recently Chillout became popular with artists of progressive trance and progressive house, who used it to make their music more varied. That`s why sometimes the style can be named Ibiza Trance or Baleriac House after the island Ibiza as well as the Goa-trance after Goa in India. Music reflects the atmosphere of Ibiza and as fans of the style say: when you listen to this euphoric and spiritually uplifting music you can brightly imagine Mediterranean sunset. This effect is achieved by the usage of synthesized sounds of stringed instruments, sounds of waves, mandolins, guitars, and whispery vocals.

Separate dance floors on big concerts (or parties) in style of goa-trance or just recreation areas in dance clubs are called «chillout». Chillout rooms are designed for tired dancers, who can rest there and enjoy by calming and relaxing music.

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Umbrellate style: Ambient

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Chillout mixes

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Chillout, Deep House
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Chillout, Lounge
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Chillout, Chillstep
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Chillout tracks and remixes

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Chillout, Ambient
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Chillout, Instrumental
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