Ambient Dub

In the mid-90s atmospheric and mysterious dark European ambient absorbed features of Jamaican dub and began to be considered as a separate style, so many trip-hop representatives began to experiment with it.

Birth: 1991 Bloom: 1996

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Ambient Dub, New Age

Ambient dub was created by the record label company «Beyond» due to series of compilations with the same title. Ambient dub from the very beginning was characterized by musicians, critics and public as the form of rhythmic ambient with beat orientation accompanied by ideas, textures and technique of Jamaican dub style (for instance, reverb, emphasis on the bass and drums, intense effects).

In spite of the fact that this term fell out of favor for a furious mixture of styles), today it`s still useful to see difference between the great amount of electronic sub-genres of dub, hip-hop, downtempo styles and beat-music. Speaking about ambient dub attention should be paid to musicians such as Higher Intelligence Agency, Sub Dub, Techno Animal, Automation and Solar Quest.

A new wave of interest to ambient dub was in the summer of 2012 after the collaborative album by main people of this style has been released: The Orb made the record with famous Lee "Scratch" Perry.

Umbrellate style: Ambient

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Ambient Dub mixes

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Ambient Dub, Trip-Hop
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Ambient Dub, Atmospheric Breaks
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Ambient Dub, Chillstep
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Ambient Dub, Chillout
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Ambient Dub, Drum & Bass
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Ambient Dub, Ambient House

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