Illbient is a clearly expressed and thoughtfully created urban form of electronic music that reflects cultural diversity and gray decline in outward things.

Birth: 1996 Bloom: 2007

Mostly the style was developed in the New York City (esp. Brooklyn). Replayed DJ Spooky (musician defining the style), and electronic medleys in illbient style come from ambient, but they also can be related to dub, hip-hop, drum`n`bass or ethnic music, and can be mixed with all musical styles and sub-genres.

According to the mood of style`s birthplace, illbient should be dark and unpredictable, filled with noises. Halls and clubs for playing illbient music often are chosen with the condition that they have to transmit the atmosphere of dirty urban backyards in order to remind the main conceptual (and intellectual) nature of music. Record labels like The Asphodel and WordSound released a great number of illbient projects. The Asphodel label recorded the great paradigmatic compilation «Incursions in Illbient», that includes compositions by DJ Spooky, We, Byzar and Sub Dub. Among other leaders of illbient music the most notable are Tipsy, Spectre, Rob Swift and Badawi.

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Umbrellate style: Ambient

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Illbient tracks and remixes

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Illbient, Psybient
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Illbient, Experimental

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