Dark Ambient

Dark ambient is a style of electronic music related to ambient and industrial, emerged in the early 1980s as the result of redefining experiments of industrial with ambient and noise instruments.

Birth: 1980 Bloom: 1987

Dark ambient isn`t related to modern music, it comes from the founder of ambient Brian Eno and classic industrial. Dark ambient includes several sub-genres and closely contacts with Power-Electronics and Death Industrial as evidenced by plenty of projects that mix elements of these styles. Considered that Brian Williams (Lustmord project) was among the first to record dark ambient in the early 80s. One of the biggest industrial labels Cold Meat Industry was based on dark ambient and close styles, it was founded by Roger Karmanik (Brighter Death Now project) and Lina Baby Doll (Deutsch Nepal) in 1987.

Dark ambient, as the name suggests, is a gloomier version of classic ambient. Music is designed to create the atmosphere without concentrating listeners` attention on melodies or rhythms. It consists of low frequency rumbles, background noises and metallic clangs, distorted voices and melodies, sometimes monotonous rhythms and pulsations. The founder of Lustmord (Brian Williams) said that the mission of dark ambient is to take listeners where they can`t go ever.

Some of Lustmord`s early compositions had been recorded in caves or other physical locations in order to create natural reverberation. However, most of dark ambient albums are based on electronic effects. The term «soundscape» is primarily related to dark ambient.

Dark ambient artists usually don`t interfere in political, moral or religious problems, their music is created for learning the Creation. Although the imprint of industrial society crises often makes music obscure and gloomy but great.

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