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Ambient House

The term «ambient house» defines one of rave music genres suitable for thoughtful listening at home. The term emerged in the late 80s, but it quickly disappeared from music critics` lexicon because of the emergence of new more accurate and capacious characterizations. Generally, music by the band Orbital was the first and last example of pure combination house music with melodic ambient. Nowadays, the term «ambient house» is used very rarely.

Birth: 1989 Bloom: 1994 Death: 1997

The term «ambient house» was often attributed to undefined dance music. Ambient house music is typified by the usage of primary acid house elements: midtempo, four-on-the-floor beats, synth pads and strings, soaring vocal samples.

Many classics of electronic music of the last century have indirect relation to ambient house: The Orb, KLF, Irresistible Force, Future Sound Of London, and Orbital. This group of artists is usually attributed to the new dance ambient wave. These bands have very different sound, but they are combined due to other principles: the emphasis on musical semantic load and the influence of eastern ethnics. Maybe these characteristic features in their music were the reason why they are attributed to the honorable ambient style.

Umbrellate style: House

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Ambient House mixes

127 114:37 1 57 PR 4,7 ▲
Ambient House, Dub Techno
166 68:44   75 PR 2,9 ▲ Ambient House, House
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Ambient House tracks and remixes

786 4:18 24   PR 16,2 ▲
Ambient House, Instrumental
2 282 3:06 28   PR 12,7 ▲
Ambient House, Trance
587 1:49 10 141 PR 10,5 ▲
Ambient House, Deep House

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