Ambient Breaks

Ambient breaks is considered as a quite restricted movement in the world of electronic ambient, it has been formed by the influence of actively developing hip-hop culture. Ambient breakbeat is based on a typical ambient melody, the style`s less energetic than coterminous genres as trip-hop and funky breaks.

Birth: 1994 Bloom: 1997 Death: 2003

Artists who have produced ambient breaks include names DJ Wally and Req. Moreover, British DJ Mixmaster Morris greatly contributed to the development of the style, he dedicated his career to making chillout music the part of club culture. Basic ambient breakbeat was on his project compilations Irresistible force. In the late 90s many artists from the cult label Ninja Tune influenced and inspired by DJ Mixmaster Morris began to produce similar music. British musician Fames Braddell also known as Funki Porcini has succeeded more than others. He raised the style to a new level and filled breakbeats and atmospheric canvases with an important ideological context.

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Ambient Breaks
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Ambient Breaks, Ambient House
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Ambient Breaks
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Ambient Breaks, Atmospheric Breaks
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Ambient Breaks, Spacesynth
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