Florida Breaks

Florida breaks is a genre of breakbeat music which, as the name suggests, is most popular in the US state of Florida. The sound has a lot in common with the nu skool breaks style although is also influenced by other styles such as freestyle, electro, and Miami bass.

Birth: 1993 Bloom: 1996 Death: 2000

Florida breaks became popular in the mid 90s. The style is said to be born in the club Tampa in Florida where local DJs created and started to play it. Very often they used samples of popular tracks from the 80s in genres such as pop, funk and hip-hop. The first producer who began to record Florida breaks was DJ Icee also known as DJ Icey. He had a number of labels, the main goal of which was to make Florida breaks popular beyond the Florida state. Later his ideas were followed by Brad Smith, Huda Hudia, and Dave London (residents of the Tampa club).

Today, the scene of Florida breaks is still concentrated in its native city, where artists are still working in the Florida breaks style: Friction & Spice, DJ X, Funk Lab, Mike & Charlie, DJ Volume, Baby Anne, Sharaz, Rob-E and Security, DJ Marmik, Fixx, Infinity, Malicious Mike, DJ Q, DJ 34, Jackal & Hyde, Merlin and others.

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Florida Breaks tracks and remixes

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Florida Breaks, Nu Breaks
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Florida Breaks
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Florida Breaks

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