Miami Bass

Miami bass is a sub-genre of electro that characterized by raised tempos, accents on multi-tonal bass, and obscene lyrics.

Birth: 1989 Bloom: 1993 Death: 1998

The style emerged in the southern U.S., gradually settled in Miami, Orlando, and also spread out over Florida, Atlanta, and Alabama. Miami bass even managed to get on a mainstream scene, but not for long, the style just got some new fans among listeners hip-hop from the south part of the country.

First of all, Miami was the city of soul music, later – disco, until one of the biggest record company went broke and the music market became empty. That`s why the electro sound managed to replace aforementioned styles, but it`s success didn`t last for long.

After that Amos Larkins appeared on a club scene, he began to record rap tracks with average beat tempo and drum machines. By 1985 he had added in his composition the sound of the drum machine Roland TR-808, and renewed sound attracted lots of producers in no time. That was the beginning of Miami bass.

The track by MC ADE project – «Bass Rock Express» was released in the same year with participation of Amos Larkins.

2 live Crew was one of the most popular Miami bass bands; they became famous when censors banned their album «As Nasty As They Wanna Be». In general, the style became world-known due to the unexpected interest to this album.

After some years the idea was picked up by stars of the 90s like Disco Rick, 69 Boyz (for example listen to the track «Tootsee Roll»), and Quad City DJs who managed to put Miami bass on the commercial scene. Their success wasn`t very big, but their music has influenced the formation of many styles.

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