Big Beat

Big beat is characterized by punk-style vocals, distorted compressed breakbeats, acid synthesizer lines, and jazz loops.

Birth: 1995 Bloom: 1998 Death: 2001

As the name suggests, big beat tends to feature distorted, compressed breakbeats at moderate tempos, acid house-style synthesizer lines, and heavy loops from 60s and 70s funk, jazz, rock, and pop songs. They are often punctuated with punk-style vocals and driven by intense, distorted basslines with conventional pop and techno song structures. Big beat tracks have a sound that includes crescendos, builds, drops, and dramatic sound effects, such as explosions or sirens, air horns, gurgles, snorts, also old records samples.

The term was created in the middle 90s by British press in order to identify the opuses by The Chemical Brothers. However, more fundamental compositions of the style belong to Norman Cook also known as Fatboy Slim.

Umbrellate style: Breaks

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Big Beat mixes

529 63:27 2 201 PR 8,5 ▲
Big Beat, Breaks
423 59:58 4 125 PR 8,2 ▲
Big Beat, Breaks
452 60:26 2 137 PR 7,7 ▲
Big Beat, Breaks
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Big Beat tracks and remixes

705 4:57 24 53 PR 19,8 ▲
Big Beat, Dubstep
228 3:26 6 97 PR 8,4 ▲
Big Beat, Trip-Hop
221 4:09 8 115 PR 7,8 ▲
Big Beat, Alternative Rock

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