Psychedelic breakbeat

Psychedelic breakbeat is a form of psychedelic trance that emerged in 2000 when DJs decided to enrich 4/4 beat by playing the same psytrance but with a low tempo and rhythmic section of breaks.

Birth: 2005 Bloom: 2007

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Psychedelic breakbeat, Atmospheric Breaks

Psy breaks recently (from 2006) became an independent style and its definite sound hasn`t formed yet. Presently psy breaks can be divided into 3 groups: classic, commercial, and atmospheric.

The sound of the style is similar to psy trance, but has a lower tempo and breakbeat rhythmic section. The style is often characterized by scratches, rapping MC or ethnic samples.

Commercial psy breaks is a peculiar interpretation of nu skool breaks with trance lead synth, ethnic samples, and pseudo-psychedelics.

The atmospheric psy breaks sound slightly reminds progressive breaks, but with a bigger accent on the atmosphere, often with ethnic samples. This kind of psy breaks is the sound between progressive breaks and psy chill.

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Umbrellate style: Breaks

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Psychedelic breakbeat mixes

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Psychedelic breakbeat, Breaks
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Psychedelic breakbeat, Big Beat
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Psychedelic breakbeat, Neurofunk
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Psychedelic breakbeat, Big Beat

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