Brokenbeat is a genre of electronic music that first appeared in the late 90s in West London. The style is characterized by syncopated rhythms with punctuated beats and hand claps.

Birth: 1997 Bloom: 2008

Brokenbeat parties are usually held in the UK clubs such as Co-op, Plastic People, and Notting Hill Arts Club. Moreover, brokenbeat clubs are popular all over the world, for example you can listen to it even in Tokyo in the club The Room, where the style is played by DJs of Kyoto Jazz Massive.

Many DJs of this style used to play drum`n`bass, house, hip-hop, techno, and acid jazz, that`s why the brokenbeat is partially influenced by these styles and often compared with soul, funk, or even jazz.

The earliest brokenbeat tracks were released on the Reinforced label at the time when musicians tried to change style`s initial sound in order to make one more abstract form of drum and bass music.

Many artists that started releasing through 4hero`s Reinforced label are now considered pioneers of broken beat. Meanwhile on the other shore of Atlantic Ocean – in the USA – techno stars like Carl Craig and Stacey Pullen were experimenting with the sound, trying to mix jazz elements with breaks.Their music is based on Detroit techno with a harder sound and called broken techno because it has a lot in common with brokenbeat.

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