Dark Psy Trance

Dark psytrance (dark psy, black trance, horror trance, horror psy) is a darker, moodier and faster form of psychedelic trance music. With tempo ranges generally from 145 to 200 BPM. Originating in Denmark, Russia and Germany, the style has developed a loyal following over the years.

Birth: 1995 Bloom: 1997

Dark trance differs from other psychedelic trance subgenres by the lack of vocals. Instead of vocals, dark trance actively uses samples from horror movies or even samples of musical pieces from other music styles.

Dark trance atmosphere is based on many genres: dark ambient, darkcore, power noise, and industrial. Some artists of dark trance prefer to create gothic and wandering tracks (Xenomoroph, Parasense, and Kemic-Al), some prefer to enrich the trance atmosphere by metal elements mixing the style with black metal or industrial metal (Kindzadza, Highko, Cosmo, Dark Soho, and Baphomet Engine).

Some artists of dark trance like to change the style by adding melodic structures of usual psychedelic trance with special melodies or effects, among them attention should be paid to N3XU5, Darkpsy, Kalilaskov AS, Fungus Funk, and Glarvas.

Umbrellate style: Trance

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Dark Psy Trance mixes

368 58:15   116 PR 6,1 ▲
Dark Psy Trance, Psy Trance
143 62:54 2 67 PR 2,8 ▲
Dark Psy Trance, Hip-hop/Rap
233 101:06 1 90 PR 2,6 ▲
Dark Psy Trance, Goa Trance
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Dark Psy Trance tracks and remixes

154 3:54 2 72 PR 3,3 ▲
Dark Psy Trance, Psy Trance
147 1:00   83 PR 2,1 ▲
Dark Psy Trance, Psy Trance
162 0:28   72 PR 2 ▲
Dark Psy Trance, Psy Trance

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