Tech Trance

Tech trance is a sub-genre within EDM that draws upon the techno and trance genres as the name suggests.

Birth: 1995 Bloom: 1998 Death: 2003

Tech trance incorporates traditional elements of techno, with its repetitive nature and strong 4/4 beat, while deriving the melodic elements from Trance. Tech trance compositions tend to have a tempo of around 128-150 bpm, which is still significantly slower than hard house or hard trance.

The style was pioneered by among others Oliver Lieb in the mid-1990s. Other early examples of tech trance producers are Humate, Chris Cowie and Marmion. Tech trance evolved in a new direction during the early 2000s. By 2006, the most widespread variant of trance was the still growing and evolving genre of tech trance, pioneered by the likes of producers such as Tiesto, Marcel Woods, Marco V. The new style appealed to Trance DJs such as Ferry Corsten and Armin van Buuren, who then started incorporating tech trance into their sets. Since then tech trance has continued to evolve as a subgenre of trance, with many established trance producers and newcomers incorporating the style in their sets or focussing solely on it.

Umbrellate style: Trance

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Tech Trance mixes

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Tech Trance, Techno
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Tech Trance, Techno
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Tech Trance, Techno
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Tech Trance, Euro Techno
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Tech Trance, Trance
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Tech Trance, Techno

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