Full on is a subgenre of psychedelic trance that originated in Israel in the late 1990s and began popular due to artists like Astrix, Cosma, Sirius Isness, Electric Universe. The most easily recognizable elements of full-on psy-trance are the so-called «rolling» bassline, which crams two or three short bass notes in between each hit of the 4/4 drum, the fast changes in music sequences (max 32 beat for sequence), and a more energetic melodic/uplifiting nature.

Birth: 1996 Bloom: 1998

The expression «full on» is taken from the first out of a seven compilation albums series and the first album ever to be released under Hom-mega Productions in 1998, titled Full On.

Music is mostly danceable and energetic, that`s why the style is often criticized by conservative trancers. They claim that music ignores classic goa trance`s roots and philosophy, making psychedelic trance less underground and more commercial.

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Full-On mixes

555 124:43   375 PR 10,9 ▲ Full-On, Psy Trance
252 71:19   74 PR 1,9 ▲
Full-On, Psy Trance
38 48:42   18 PR 1,5 ▲
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Full-On tracks and remixes

89 1:46   56 PR 1,5 ▲
95 0:02   51 PR 1,3 ▲
81 7:08   PR 1 ▲
Full-On, Hard Trance

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