Melodic Trance

Melodic trance is a subgenre of trance music. The style is typified by vibrant melodies of piano, strings, and other synth leads or plucks. Melodies vary from 130 to 140 in tempo, sometimes from 133 to 135 BPM. As the name suggests, the main characteristic feature is a clearly defined melody.

Birth: 1998 Bloom: 2004

The most popular artist of this style is The Thrillseekers (a pseudonym of a British DJ Steve Helstip). He became popular due to his single «Synaesthesia» that was released in 1998. His compositions differ by their emotionality and expression of feelings; as many critics say it is the most emotional electronic music that has ever been released. Steve worked on Ferry Corsten`s «Right of Way» that was nominated for a Grammy. Besides, Steve made remixes for Tiesto and Armin van Buuren. The Thrillseekers doesn`t only make remixes, but also create his own sets.

A year after Steve Helstrip recorded his first composition, he was invited to Paul van Dyke`s birthday party. In 2003 Steve founded his own label «Adjusted Music». In 2004 he re-released singles «Synaesthesia» and «Affinity». In 2005 he began to create compilations and released «Night Music Vol.1». In 2007 Steve released the second part of that compilation, which also became very popular.

Ronski Speed (a real name Ronny Scneider) is also very popular with melodic trance listeners; he is famous as a DJ and a producer from East Germany. Ronski Speed started his career in 1997. His music is greatly influenced by Depeche Mode, Paul van Dyke, and Pet Shop Boys. Ronsky Speed collaborates with the big German record label «Euphoria» that released most of his albums and singles. His own radio show is quite popular and broadcasted by a number of radio stations like «AH FM», «DDance.FM», and «Sence.FM». In 2009 Ronsky got into 100 of best DJs in the «DJ Mag» magazine.

Speaking about melodic trance we can`t not to mention Jezper Soderlunder. He is a Sweden DJ and producer, well known as «Airbase». He started to experiment with electronic music in 1994 and signed a contact with a record label only in 2001. Jezper has more than 12 pseudonyms (the most popular – Ozone, Scarab, Rah, Narthex). «» is considered as one of the most important projects by Jezper. He was one of three founders, alongside Tommie Podzemski and Ralf Elving. Moreover, Jezper has his own radio show «Re-Mix» on the «Afterhours FM» station.

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Melodic Trance, Melodic Techno
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Melodic Trance, Deep House
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