Minimal psytrance

Minimal psytrance is a new, still forming style of trance music that emerged in the 2000s. The style is developed as a replacement for old Goa trance.

Birth: 2001 Bloom: 2007

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Minimal psytrance

It`s believed that Daniel Vernunf was the first who recorded a track in the minimal psytrance style – «Shiva Chandra». He is still recording music, but under a name of the «Auricular» band.

Minimal psytrance isn`t just a new progressive movement, it`s a sound saturated with complex musical finds (a psychedelic component). The style also was influenced by techno, tech and minimal house variations.

Minimal psytrance sound can be positive, but often it`s dark and more complicated than mainstream progressive trance. Minimal psytrance isn`t as fast as psychedelic trance and it isn`t supersaturated by extra sound patterns. Positive tracks of this style is always full of energy and cheerful, that`s why they`re usually played by DJs in the beginning and in the end of parties.

Nowadays, the style mostly developed in Denmark, Germany, and Sweden. Moreover, recently Australian musicians contributed new ideas to the style.

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Minimal psytrance mixes

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Minimal psytrance, Progressive Trance
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Minimal psytrance, Techno
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Minimal psytrance, Instrumental
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Minimal psytrance

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