Neotrance is a young and progressive style of electronic music that emerged in the early 00s when techno and house music began to evolve adding new melody patterns in their sound.

Birth: 2001 Bloom: 2009

Neotrance is an absolutely new genre that hasn`t got any analog. Neotrance has its own characteristic features which are different from other styles of electronic music by melodic and charismatic sound. As the name suggests, the style is based on trance, and listening to neotrance you can hear trance`s lyrical and melancholy motif.

Neotrance borrowed calm beats and drums from the old techno style. Nowadays, dance versions of neotrance are quite close to house, but its semantic basis is still actual. The term «neotrance» first was mentioned by DJ Magazine. Tim Stark, a music crititc and journalist, used this term in order to describe opuses by German producers and DJs Kyau & Albert.

Subsequently, the term spread out over the whole trance music scene, but Kyau & Albert`s music can`t be certain example of trance, they mostly play progressive trance. Besides, it`s said that Damir Pushkar was the first who used the term «neotrance» to describe its melody. The word «trance» in this style means more a condition than fast melodic music. Trance stars like Armin van Buuren or Paul van Dyk don`t play neotrance at all. Neotrance consists of different melodies and rhythms, which sound in modern clubs. Booka Shade, Oxia, Trentemoller, Ryan Davis, Lanny May, Henry Saiz, and many others who released their music on labels like Manual Music, Tracer Records, Parquet Recordings, Maripoza, Klangwelt, Proton Music, Back Home, Border Community, Natura Sonoris, Particles.

Umbrellate style: Trance

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Neotrance, Ambient
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Neotrance, Deep House
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Neotrance, Melodic Techno
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Neotrance, Experimental
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