Digital Hardcore

Digital hardcore is a music genre that melds hardcore-punk with hardcore techno and industrial music. The style developed in Germany during the early 1990s, and often has sociological or left-extremist lyrical themes.

Birth: 1992 Bloom: 1994 Death: 2001

Digital hardcore music is typically fast and abrasive; combining the speed, heaviness and attitude of hardcore punk and partly of Riot grrrl with electronic rhythms typical for industrial, early jungle, and heavy techno music. Some bands, like Atari Teenage Riot, incorporate elements of hip-hop music. 

The electric guitar is used alongside drum machines and synthesizers. Vocals are more often shouted than sung. The most important refrains can be sung by all members of the group.

The music was first defined by the band Atari Teenage Riot, who formed in Berlin in 1992. The frontman, Alec Empire, coined the term «digital hardcore», setting up the independent record label Digital Hardcore Recordings in 1994. By the mid-1990s, a number of new record labels specializing in the genre were formed around the world. These included Gangster Toons Industries (Paris), Praxis (London), Cross Fade Enter Tainment (Hamburg), Drop Bass Network (U.S.), and Bloody Fist (Australia).

Other prominent digital hardcore musicians include Christoph De Babalon, Cobra Killer, Sonic Subjunkies, EC8OR, Hanin Elias, Lolita Storm, Nic Endo, The Panacea, and The Mad Capsule Markets.

Umbrellate style: Hardcore

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Digital Hardcore tracks and remixes

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Digital Hardcore, Frenchcore
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Digital Hardcore, Electro-punk
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Digital Hardcore

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