Jumpstyle is a new dance music style that originated from hardstyle. The style is based on the minimal set of samples and its tempo is usually between 140 and 150 BPM.

Birth: 1997 Bloom: 2007

Jumpstyle first appeared in Chicago in the early 90s. It is characterized not only by minimalistic sound and a tempo from 140 BPM, but also by the usage of hardcore techno beat. By today, young jumpstyle had already divided into sub genres: Belgian Jump («classic» jump), French Tek (comes from France, also known as Industrial Jump and usually its tempo more than 150 BPM), Hard Jump (the minimal set of sounds and samples), and Oldschool Jump. 

Umbrellate style: Hardcore

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JumpStyle tracks and remixes

762 0:53 4 170 PR 6,7 ▲
JumpStyle, Dancecore
298 3:41 2 103 PR 3,6 ▲
JumpStyle, Russian Pop
140 2:55   102 PR 3,1 ▲
JumpStyle, Rave

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