Rave is a large party or festival featuring performances by DJs as well as it is a common name for electronic dance music on discos, that`s why the style hasn`t got any precise definition.

Birth: 1990 Bloom: 1993 Death: 1998

Raves became popular in Great Britain in 1988 and by the early 90s spread outside the country. These uncontrolled events in the province encountered a negative reaction within the public, which became more negative when it turned out that on these parties young people actively use ecstasy or hard drugs. Inspire of this many British clubs began to throw raves with multilevel dance floors with different DJs.

The most popular rave music include acid house, techno and their subgenres (trance, hardcore, drum and bass, etc). Speaking of famous rave groups, attention should be paid to 808 State, The Shamen, A Guy Called Gerald, The Prodigy, and Grid.

The rave culture was absorbed by the `90s Love Parades festivals. In Russia raves appeared in the early 90s («Gagarin party», «Mobile» in Moscow 1992); the biggest post-soviet festival is «KaZantip» that firstly was held on Crimean Kazantip сape, later it was renamed «The Kazantip Republic» and moved to the countryside Veseloe (near to Sudak), then in Popovka (near to Evpatoria).

Umbrellate style: Hardcore

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Rave, Big Room House
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Rave, Electro House
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Rave, Hardcore
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Rave, Future House
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Rave, Acid

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