Frenchcore is an abrasive style of electronic music emerged in the beginning of the rave epoch in the early 90s. The style is associated with Dutch oldschool gabba, because it contains characteristic kick 909, bass drum with heavy distortion, and short synth passages.

Birth: 1994 Bloom: 1998 Death: 2000

Frenchcore found moderate mainstream popularity in 1998 with the release of album «Neurophonie» by Paris radical electronic producer Micropoint. Today characteristic and invariable sound of this style represented by artists such as Radium, The Speed Freak, The Sickest Squad, Sirio, Androgyn Network, Dcbyl, X-Fly, Randy, Frazzbass. You can hear frenchcore music on festivals in many European countries. And if you want to recognize it you should listen to the paradigmatic track «Frenchcore Killah» by The Sickest Squad Ft Lenny Dee.

Umbrellate style: Hardcore

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