Speedcore is a form of hardcore techno characterized by a high tempo and aggressive themes. Sometimes speedcore tracks exceed 1000 bpm. 

Birth: 1994 Bloom: 1996 Death: 1998

The style differs from other aggressive genres of music and speedcore music itself isn`t considered as dance music. A typical speedcore track is characterized by antimusic and antisocial themes: music is not just aggressive, it is full of the negative energetics in order to transmit the hostile atmosphere to the listeners. Speedcore DJs often increase that effect by using human screams or violent scenes from Hollywood movies.

Alongside aforementioned effects, speedcore music is saturated with guitar sound, analog synths, drum machines, and many other elements, mostly processed through a distortion. The mix of this sound with speedcore kick reminds of noise music. 

While most speedcore artists are content to attack the normal standards of music, the extremism of speedcore has caused some to turn inwards and parody the standards of the genre. These songs tend to use lighter, more manic samples.

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Umbrellate style: Hardcore

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Speedcore tracks and remixes

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Speedcore, Hardcore
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