Jungle is an epochal style of the `90s rave music. Arguments related to its origin are still hot. Mostly because of the mess with the definition of both synonymic terms: jungle and drum`n`bass. 

Birth: 1990 Bloom: 1993 Death: 1997

Some people think that there is no such thing as a significant difference between drum `n`bass and jungle. But others guess that jungle was released in the early `90s old records, while drum and bass contains of jungle evolved due to new post-techstep elements. Some music lovers just use the term «jungle» to define ragga-jungle (a characteristic jungle`s subgenre). In the USA the combined term «Jungle Drum and Bass» (JDB) is also possible, but it isn`t well-known outside the country. The most common point of view: jungle is drum and bass as well as drum and bass is jungle.

Earliest jungle is said to be one of hard rave branches concentrated on breakbeat. Jungle combined dub bass with fast hip-hop breakbeat when the `80s rave and ecstasy culture reached its peak in Great Britain. Later, jungle had has his own characteristic features like fast bass and heavy sound. As the result of further developments jungle sound became more urban, including reggae vocal, dub bass, and fast complex drums.

By 1995 the new movement «intelligent» had emerged that was represented by DJ LTJ Bukem and his Good Looking label. Some people think that transition to intelligent jungle was a thought-out and coordinated move by leading DJs and producers against the gangsta culture. Intelligent saved impetuous breakbeat, but focused on more atmospheric sound and deep bass as opposed to hard vocals and samples.

Umbrellate style: Hardcore

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Jungle, Intelligent
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