Bassline is a type of music related to UK garage that originated from speed garage, and shares characteristics with fellow subgenres dubstep and grime for their emphasis on bass. The style originated in Sheffield around 2002.

Birth: 2002 Bloom: 2005

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Bassline, Speed Garage

Bassline was a cause of controversy in Sheffield due to a police raid on the former bassline club night «Niche», after which the club closed down. Since it was the most popular bassline night in Sheffield prior to its closure, «Niche» is sometimes used as an alternative name for the musical genre. Like grime, bassline was associated with violence, anti-social behaviour and criminal activity during the time of its rise to popularity.

Like dubstep and grime, bassline generally places a strong emphasis on bass, with intricate basslines (often multiple and interweaving) being characteristic of the genre. Bassline tracks use a four-to-the-floor beat. The music is often purely instrumental, but vocal techniques common in other styles of garage can also be present, such as female R&B vocals sped up to match the faster tempo, and also samples of vocals from grime tracks. Most songs are around 135 to 142 bpm, faster than most UK garage and around the same tempo as most grime and dubstep.

The increased appeal of bassline may be in part due to the vocal contributions of female artists such as Jodie Aysha. The lyrics of bassline are often focused on love and other issues that may be considered more feminine.

Bassline doesn`t have especially notable stars, but some producers are truly cult, among them attention should be paid to DJ Q, Wideboys, DJ EZ, T2, Serious Danger.

Umbrellate style: UK Garage

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Bassline tracks and remixes

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Bassline, Dubstep
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Bassline, Slap House
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Bassline, Bass House

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