Speed Garage

Speed garage is a specific descendant of house music that grew out from an experiment. Characteristic features of this style include heavy bass line, fast tempo, hard rhythms, and distorted vocals.

Birth: 1996 Bloom: 1998 Death: 2001

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Speed Garage

The style was born in 1996 in the USA, gruadually its popularity grew to the UK, and after some time the whole world started to dance to speed garage. Speed garage from the very beginning began to be associated with the emergence of American traditional house music.

Artists like Todd Terry, Mousse T, Mood II Swing, Boris Dlugosch, Todd Edwards contributed a new sound to the garage style that became called speed garage. A widely regarded pioneer of the speed garage sound is a record producer, DJ and remixer Armand Van Helden, whose Dark Garage remix of the Sneaker Pimps` «Spin Spin Sugar» in 1996 is viewed by many to have brought the style of speed garage into the mainstream arena.

Sometimes, speed garage is said to be a dance fusion of house and jungle.

It is also typical for speed garage tunes to have a breakdown. Speed garage tunes sometimes featured timestretched vocals. As being heavily influenced by jungle, speed garage is full of jungle and dub sound effects, such as gunshots and sirens.

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Umbrellate style: UK Garage

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Speed Garage mixes

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Speed Garage, Bassline
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Speed Garage, Bassline
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Speed Garage, Bassline
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Speed Garage, House
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Speed Garage, House
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Speed Garage, Garage

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