2 Step

The style was created in London during the late 90s on the base of fast elements of the mellifluous American garage style with sharp vocals, frequent repeats and scratches in a combination with convulsive broken rhythms.

Birth: 1996 Bloom: 1998 Death: 2002

2 step first appeared in London clubs in 1996 and then found moderate mainstream popularity in no time. It was an interesting alternative to already boring jungle and drum and bass styles.

This style was known as speed garage, underground garage and 2 step in its different stages of development. Many American musicians such as Todd Edwards, Armand Van Helden and Romanthony have influenced this style. Besides, 2 step has been developed with the help of Tuff Jam, Dream Team and RIP.

By 1998 the style that earlier was known as speed garage had transformed into a new event on the musical scene. The defining characteristics began to be typified as sweet voice pop sound of R&B with breaks. 2 step was steady to the influence of many good musicians (newbies MJ Cole, Zed Bias, Wookie, Sunship, Tuff Jam, Dream Team, Artful Dodger) and big record labels (Locked On, Nice`N`Ripe, Quench, Grand Theft Audio, Naughty). Even when hits like «Destiny» (Dem 2) and «Movin` Too Fast» (Artful Dodger) went on to top the charts and complication albums became bestsellers, dozens of pirate radio stations didn`t stop the production of cutting and hard 2 step music.

Nevertheless, at the turn of centuries 2 step has managed to get out to the public due to efforts by a young musician Craig David, whose first album has been produced by 2 step duet Artful Dodger.

After some time the specific 2 step rhythmic structure began to appear in songs of Jennifer Lopez and Destiny`s Child.

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2 Step, Dub

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