Brostep is a genre of music emerged in 2009 as one of dubstep`s branches. In September 2011 a Spin Magazine EDM special referred to brostep as a «lurching and aggressive» variant of dubstep that has proven it by commercial success in the United States.

Birth: 2009 Bloom: 2011

Unlike traditional dubstep production styles, which emphasise sub-bass content, brostep accentuates the middle register and features «robotic fluctuations and metal-esque aggression». According to Simon Reynolds, as dubstep gained larger audiences and moved from smaller club-based venues to larger outdoor events, sub-sonic content was gradually replaced by distorted bass riffs that function roughly in the same register as electric guitar in heavy metal.

Brostep makes an emphasis on hard drum breakbeat line and bass. One of the main instruments to create characteristic brostep bass lines is a virtual synth Massive from Native Instruments. This instrument is perfectly suitable for wobble bass. Virtual brostep synths include FM8 from Native Instruments, Zebra from U-he, and Harmor from the Image Line company.

Actually, brostep was created by a British dubstep DJ Rusko. Rusko himself claimed in an interview on BBC Radio 1Xtra that he just wanted to play old good dubstep in accelerated tempo, after that he added several samples and it turns out as brostep. Also, by the end of 2010 Rusco said on the same show that «brostep is sort of my fault, but now I've started to hate it in a way ... It's like someone screaming in your face ... you don't want that.»

Umbrellate style: UK Garage

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Brostep, Future Bass
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Brostep, Bass House
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