Future Garage

Future garage is a young and popular style of electronic dance music from the heart of London underground. The style incorporates a variety of influences into UK garage and softer elements into 2-step garage.

Birth: 2009 Bloom: 2012

By the end of 2000 there had been formed a new sound based on dubstep and 2 step garage of the late 90s – early 00s. Musicians began to record 2 step with the usage of new technologies. This movement got a name «future garage».

The style combines best features of intellectual dance electronics: subbass or a square wave bass with a modulating filter from dubstep, 2-step garage drum beat with off-the-grid hi-hats, soft leads with a round attack or an acoustic lead.

Future garage is perfectly suitable for dance floors and for attentive listening at home, where you can find lots of future garage`s nuances: atmospheric sc-fi sambles, cutting fills, torn synth chords.

That`s why future garage has divided into two different kinds of music: danceable from 135 to 140 BPM and experimental with variative speed and structure. Dance future garage is represented by artists from the label Night Slugs (Girl Unit, Bok Bok), Mosca, Bonobo, Disclosure, Sorrow, and many others. Experimantal future garage is oriented to techno and minimalistic sound, its notable artists include Martyn, 2562, Sepalcure, Jacques Green, Dauwd, and Jamie XX.

Umbrellate style: UK Garage

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Future Garage mixes

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Future Garage
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Future Garage, Chillstep
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Future Garage, Dubstep
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Future Garage tracks and remixes

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Future Garage, Ambient
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Future Garage, Pop
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Future Garage, 2 Step

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